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Tournament 2009


Thank you to Earl Englehart, Bill & Bev Turner, Tom Dolan and all the golfers and sponsors who made this day so successful.


The tournament sponsored by the Spring Ridge Golf League on October 2, 2009 was a huge success.   


We had several goals for the fundraiser again this year.  The first was to honor the memory of Jessica Murphy, a Spring Ridge resident who died in a car crash at the age of 14.  The second was to raise awareness of safe driving practices.  Another goal was to encourage appreciation for things we tend to take for granted:  the love of family and friends.  A final goal was to replenish the fund so we can continue to offer scholarships in Jessie’s memory.


We far exceeded our goals.  Over 80 golfers, 125 sponsors and numerous volunteers supported the tournament.  Autumn Hollis and Liberty Mutual provided us with pamphlets on safe driving that were distributed to every attendee.  After 18 holes we all gathered for a butterfly release, followed by lunch at the club house.  We thanked all of our sponsors, and had a raffle drawing as well as a silent auction for all of the donated gifts.


As a result of the tournament, a deposit of over $8,300 was made to the scholarship fund that is held at The Community Foundation.  


Thank you for all your support!

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