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Twenty-two years later...

Over 8,000 days have passed since Jessie left this earthly realm... she lives on in our hearts, and in our thoughts, and in our daily actions.  So much has happened that she should have been a part of - births, deaths, marriages, vacations, holidays, birthdays, and just the average day-to-day engagement with loved ones.

Jessie's aunt and uncle summed this up beautifully in this letter given to her family for Christmas 2021:

Christmas 2021

It’s the thought that counts…

If you Google the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”, you’ll get a reply that is something like….

A phrase used to indicate that it is the kindness behind an act that matters, however imperfect or insignificant the act may be.


That said, we have made a donation to the Community Foundation in memory of Jessie but we wanted to give you the “thoughts” behind our gift.

Here are a few of the times we think about Jessie…

  • A reference to the Community Foundation or a scholarship and the help it provides to a young person.

  • We think about Jessie when we are saying our prayers…

  • And at the birth of a new baby girl.

  • It might be when we see a friendly neighbor walk a dog, or when we see one of Jessie’s old friends.

  • It may be when we are looking at old photos or new photos and thinking about who is not there.

  • Perhaps it is the words of Declan or Rosaleen who never met Jessie but have been told all about her.

  • Maybe it is James trying to pronounce squirrel.

  • Perhaps it is an old neighbor from Fredericktowne Village or just a softball field close by.

  • We think about Jessie when we hear a favorite old song or the lyrics to a new song.

  • Perhaps it is when we are looking at our keychains every morning and every night, year after year

  • Perhaps it is a butterfly fluttering past us or one we write about in a story.

  • It could be a new place we visit that we think Jessie would have loved or a place we visited with her.

  • Or our butterfly bush and Jessie tree which have reminded us of her constantly for over 20 years.

  • Perhaps it is a girl playing volleyball or just the number “5”.

  • Perhaps it is the thought of a milestone that will forever remain unmet or a favorite memory frozen in time.


The “thoughts” behind this gift are that we think about Jessie daily; she is in our thoughts and our prayers and we miss her.  We hope you find some comfort knowing our thoughts are with you and Jessie always.

We love you,

Doug and Lee

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