Annual Scholarships


This $2,000 scholarship will be given annually to a graduating senior from Thomas Johnson High School. The graduate will have exhibited attentiveness to safe driving habits.  They will also have participated in a varsity sport during their senior year, and have shown interest in community involvement. To support the continued growth of the fund, the Murphys intend to hold an annual fundraiser in Jessica's memory

The first annual scholarship was awarded on June 1, 2000 to Angela Sintes.
The second scholarship was awarded on May 31, 2001 to Alison Koski.
There were three scholarships awarded on May 30, 2002. This was Jessie's graduating class, and the recipients were all very good friends of Jessie's. They are Ashley Creggar, Susie Korolevich and Melissa Parsley.
On May 29, 2003 the sixth Jessica Murphy Memorial Scholarship was presented to another very deserving recipient, Kate Martin.
On June 3, 2004 the seventh Jessica Murphy Scholarship was presented to an outstanding student and citizen, Ashley Nonemaker.
On May 26, 2005 the eighth Jessica Murphy Scholarship was awarded to Jami Murray - an extremely qualified candidate both academically and athletically.
On June 1, 2006 the ninth Jessica Murphy Scholarship was awarded to Charlton Kilgore - a young man who is active with academics, sports, his church - and who has a spotless driving record.
In June, 2007 the tenth Jessica Murphy Scholarship was awarded to Lauren Cline. Lauren played volleyball for Thomas Johnson, and will be attending Juniata College in the fall.
In May, 2008 the eleventh Jessica Murphy Scholarship was awarded to Jillian Jones. Jillian played volleyball for Thomas Johnson, and will be attending Hood College in the fall.
In May, 2009 the 12th and 13th scholarships were awarded. For the first time, the scholarship was open not only to a TJHS student, but to a second student from any other county school. The recipients this year were Megan Thomas from Middletown HS, and Melanie Springer from Thomas Johnson HS.
In June, 2010 the 14th and 15th scholarships were awarded to Stephanie James (Linganore HS) and Chelsea VanBuskirk (Thomas Johnson HS).
In June, 2011 the 16th and 17th scholarships were awarded to Haley Rogers (Brunswick HS) and Alex Parker (Thomas Johnson HS).
In June, 2012 the 18th and 19th scholarships were awarded to Meghan Stouter (Catoctin HS) and Elisabeth Cutchin (Thomas Johnson HS).
In June, 2013 the 20th and 21st scholarships were awarded to Caroline Kinna (Walkersville) and Kayle Krietz (Catoctin).
In June, 2014 the 22nd and 23rd scholarships were awarded to Allison Barrick (Thomas Johnson HS) and Catherine Lynch (Frederick High)
In June, 2015 the 24th scholarship was awarded to Kendall Cohagan (Frederick High)
In June, 2016 the 25th scholarship was awarded to Brielle Foreman (Thomas Johnson HS)
In June, 2017 the 26th scholarship was awarded to Rylee Duncan (Walkersville HS)
In June, 2018 the 27th scholarship was awarded to Megan Ray (Oakdale HS)
In June, 2019 the 28th scholarship was awarded to Arielle Mumm (Catoctin HS)

And a grant was given to the YMCA for Camp Westmar - benefitting 40 families
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