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Five Years Later...


One thousand eight hundred and twenty five. 


That is how many days that have passed since last we had Jessie with us physically.


The hole, the void, the ache, the longing, the loneliness - they all are a part of our daily life now.  We have learned to carry those feelings a little more gracefully with the passage of time. 


We will never stop missing her; never stop wondering each day what she would be doing if she were here with us; never stop hurting over the things that will never be.


Nor will we ever stop being amazed by the constant, faithful and total support we have received from family and friends.


Once again, on the anniversary date, nearly two hundred ribbons were tied on the trees lining the streets where Jessie grew up.  Flowers and notes were left at the cemetery, at the cross, and at our door.  Phone calls were made expressing condolences and offering support.  Those sweet shows of remembrance fill our souls - for it is evidence how much others continue to love and miss our Jessica.


Perhaps, however, the most concise expression of that love is represented in this letter from Jessie's uncle:


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