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Ysabel's Story.

Jessie's best friend, Susie, is like a daughter to the Murphy's. Likewise, Jessie was like a daughter to Susie's parents.


They, too, were devastated by Jessie's death.


Susie's mom wrote one story within the first year after Jessie died - it has been read at many of the memorial ceremonies, and says very well what many obviously feel..........


Then, a couple years later she honored us again by writing another very sweet, very insightful description of her grief journey.  She allowed us to share this story as well and Susie read it during the break at the 2003 Tournament.

Ysabel's 1st Story:


"The Yellow Butterfly"


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl that lived in a small, quaint town called Frederick.


She was known throughout the town and beyond.


Her name was Jessica.


She had a way of being noticed everywhere she went - 

in huge crowds, at games, beach, Church, schools, on the court or at the pool, at retreat or at the mall.


     Was it her eyes?


          Her smile?


               The way she walked?


The way she talked?


          What she said?


               What she did?

She came from a loving and close family - parents, brother, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents.  She loved them dearly.  Further she liked them, and enjoyed their company.


If you had the good fortune of being her friend, you would never want for


Something to do


Somewhere to go


or someone to talk to


She made friends for life - and she expected the same in return.  She never made a new friend at the expense of an old friend.

Ysabel's 2nd Story:


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