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The thought of your laughter fills me with yearning


My heart catches and my eyes fill with tears


I’d trade in an instance all this compassion I’m learning


To have had you here these last ten lonely years 

Ten Years Later...


Three thousand six hundred and fifty. 


That is how many days that have passed since last we had Jessie with us physically.


In some ways it seems like a million years since she was here interacting with us on a daily basis; and in other ways it feels like it was just yesterday that our world as we knew it fell apart.


It has been a long and painful journey... but a journey that has taught us a lot about ourselves, a lot about others, and a lot about life in general.


Once again we awoke to find hundreds of pink ribbons on the neighborhood trees, their presence signifying the undying love of Jessie's aunt and uncle.


This short poem was available at the cemetery on August 27th - where we were once again surrounded by friends and family who miss our baby too.

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