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Tournament 2005


This year's tournament was held on June 18, 2005.  We had glorious weather, a great turnout, phenomenal support - all in all a very successful day.


A lovely article on the day was written by Jessica Geesaman of the Gazette.  (You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page.)


There were over 130 players, 40 volunteers and many generous visitors who came to offer support, make a donation and watch some volleyball.  Over $9,000 was raised for the scholarship fund.


At noon, we took a break to talk about Jessie and about driving safely.  We were honored to have the Mulsteff family join our ceremony.  Perry Mulsteff spoke about the Sean Mulsteff Teen Driving Foundation that was created in honor of his son who died in April of 2004 in a car crash.


We had our butterfly release, thanked our sponsors, gave out door prizes, and resumed play.


The day was a glorious tribute to Jessica - thank you so much to all who continue to support us in so many ways.





Mens AA/Open Doubles:  

1st Place:  Nemoga /Houck

2nd Place:  Hollman/Peltier


Mens A Doubles: 

1st Place:  Dalecki/Antunes

2nd Place:  Oheye/Lerzungi


Mens BB Doubles: 

1st Place:  Murphy/Brown

2nd Place:  Bidle/Blumenauer


Womens AA/Open Doubles: 

1st Place:  Cline/Hickman

2nd Place:  Johnson/Lai


Womens A Doubles: 

1st Place:  McKinsey/Cianelli 

2nd Place:  Ruble/Hall


Womens BB/Jrs Doubles: 

1st Place:  Tursell/Tursell

2nd Place:  Goldberg/Miller


Coed Experienced Sixes:  

1st Place:  Brown's Graphics

2nd Place:  The Destroyers


Coed Recreation Sixes: 

1st Place:  Salem Reformed Church

2nd Place:  V-Ballers



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